Wait Lists

Mississauga Halton long term care wait times

Making the decision to move to a long-term care home (also called nursing homes) is a life-changing decision for you and your family.

 We want you to have all the information you need to choose a home that is right for you. There are many things to consider, including the level of care you need, location, availability and cost. We are here to help support you through those decisions and help you with the application process, arrange a tour of the home or answer your questions.

 We want you to find the right long term care facility for you. To help you reduce the number of long term care homes to visit, watch short videos of each long term care home in the Mississauga Halton region.

 Each person who applies for long‐term care may choose up to five (5) homes in the province of Ontario, in order of preference.

 These decisions will help determine the amount of time a person waits for long‐term care. For example:

  •  70 percent of people waiting for long‐term care beds are waiting for lower‐cost, basic accommodations that comprise only 40 percent of long‐term care beds in the system

  • Semi‐private and private accommodations cost more but may have shorter waits

  • Ethnic or culturally designated homes often have longer wait times

What affects average wait times for long-term care?

  • •Crisis placement (if someone’s safety poses immediate  risk)
  • •Type of accommodation: basic, semi-private or private or secure floor
  • •Gender
  • •Ethno-cultural priority for an ethno-cultural home i.e. priority given to Italian speaking resident  for LTC facility
  • •Medical care needs i.e. tube-feeding
  • •Unit designation- secure, non- secure

 For more information please contact your Care Coordinator or call 310-2222 (no area code required).