How do I apply?

There are six steps in the application process:

1. Learn about the options available to you and the process for applying

A Mississauga Halton CCAC Care Coordinator is available to provide you with information about the application process. You and your family caregiver will be provided with the right information to help you make an informed decision.

2. Visit the homes you would like to consider

A Mississauga Halton CCAC Care Coordinator is always available to work with you as you go through the process of selecting a home. You will be asked to choose up to five Long-Term Care Homes in the province of Ontario. You will be required to identify your choice of basic, semi-private or private accommodations.

The best way to know if a home is the right fit for you is by scheduling a visit.

3. Completing the application

Once you have made the decision that long-term care is the right place for your needs, you can work with your Care Coordinator to begin the process of completing the application. We will guide you through the process of completing all the necessary paperwork to ensure you apply to the homes that meets your care and lifestyle needs.

Part of the application process involves the CCAC Care Coordinator doing an assessment to ensure that your care needs can be met in long-term care. If it is determined that your care needs are not appropriate for long-term care, your Care Coordinator will help you determine the best place for you to get the help you need.

4. Waiting to hear from the Long-Term Care Home that your application has been accepted

Once your application is completed and your Care Coordinator has determined long-term care is the right place for you, your application will be sent to each home you have selected for a review. Each home will respond back to the CCAC and to you regarding whether your application is accepted. If it is not accepted, a reason will be provided to you and the CCAC will help you to look at alternatives.

5. Waiting for the next available bed

Once your application has been accepted, you will wait until a place becomes available for you. The time you wait depends on: the number of beds available in the home, whether available rooms are for males or females, whether beds are in private, semi-private or basic rooms, etc.

While waiting, it is important that you are aware of the following information:

1. You or your family caregiver is expected to be available for a bed offer at any time. This means the CCAC staff must have the most up-to date information on how to reach you should a bed become available.

2. Waiting periods range from days, months, or even longer depending on the type of accommodation you are waiting for and your care needs.

3. The CCAC staff may ask for your assistance in obtaining medical updates from a family physician to ensure your records are kept up-to date and that your application is maintained in good standing at the Long-Term Care Home of your choice.

4. If you are in hospital while you wait, a CCAC Care Coordinator may ask you or your family caregiver to reconsider Long-Term Care Home choices that have an excessively long wait list. This will enable you to be placed in the most appropriate care setting in a timely manner. You can always move from your current Long-Term Care Home to one of your preferred choices at a later date once a bed becomes available.

6. Responding to a bed offer.

When a place becomes available at one of the homes of your choice, CCAC staff will contact you to either accept or reject the offer. You must provide a response within 24 hours after receiving the call. During this time, you can speak with your family or caregiver about this decision.

i. Accepting the offer of a bed

If you choose to accept the offer you are expected to move in as early as the next day, or within five days. If you are waiting for a Long-Term Care bed from home, you may hold the bed for up to five days but must be moved into the home on the fifth day or you will lose the bed. if the bed that is offered to you is not your first choice, you may also choose to keep your name on the waiting lists for your other choice(s).

ii.Refusing the offer of a bed

If you are waiting for long-term care in the community and refuse the offer, your application to all chosen homes will be cancelled. In this care, you cannot re-apply for 12 weeks (three months), unless there is a significant change in your condition or circumstance.